Packing Guide – Everything that you need to pack for your next budget trip

27 Jan

Whenever you decide to travel budget you (you may like it or not) you become the following by default – “researcher” (research all over the internet to find the best deals, offers etc), “coolie” (pick and move your own luggage everywhere), “financial controller” (think before spending each dime) and an avid “walker” (your 2 feet are free of any transportation costs).

So, to be in line with the above, you need to keep in mind the following and pack your luggage accordingly (I shall keep updating this at regular intervals) –

  1. Pack less and light – I believe in this whole heartedly and feel that this is one of the most important things to remember when you travel budget. You will not realise the importance of this in India, but you will be happier every time you board or disembark any mode of travel (unless you keep your own car) or walk along roads looking for your hostel / hotel. My suggestion is to keep one hand bag (sling preferable) / backpack for women, travel pouch / backpack for men along with one suitcase or backpack (i.e. max 2 bags per person).
  2. Pack clothes according to the season and keep clothes for only half the number of days i.e. if you are travelling for 20 days, keep 10 clothes and use a laundromat / washing machine in the hostel where you stay. This service is available in most places for a max cost of EURO 2.
  3. Wear a sturdy and comfortable pair of shoes – This will be one of the most used items of your holiday. Whenever you travel abroad, 9 out of 10 times the public transport will be too expensive and the city will be very walkable (i.e. all destinations are at max 10 – 15 minutes walk from one another). So you will end up walking everywhere and a good pair of shoes is super essential for the same.
  4.  Keep a laptop / tablet / ipad – Before booking any hostel / hotel check if they have free wifi pack a laptop / tablet / ipad in your hand baggage. This is very helpful in all local research, using whats app and using skype. Also, instead of using your expensive international roaming, buy a local card / calling card from the airport and use it for your stay.
  5. Toiletries and Cosmetics – Carry small disposable bottles and use and throw them before coming back. Anyways, chances are the Indian toiletries will not work in that climate and you might have to buy local products.
  6. Other essential Items – Carry one empty water bottle per person (water is extremely expensive to buy so fill your bottle in the hostel and carry with you ), a raincoat/umbrella, earplugs (just in case you are in a noisy place), cigarette (if you smoke as they are super expensive in most countries), multi- country adapter, a spare pair of prescription glasses or contact lenses and essential medicines. Bring a book you’re prepared to swap (hostels allow this).

So what are you waiting for, find your destination, pack your stuff and GET SET and GO.


4 Responses to “Packing Guide – Everything that you need to pack for your next budget trip”

  1. V. Sridhar February 1, 2012 at 17:55 #

    Will follow. he he.


  2. lea August 29, 2012 at 20:06 #

    Coolie+FC+walker = genius! 🙂


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