Taste of my visit to Europe – Gugelhupf

28 Jan

As I am on a baking trip these days, I decided to blog about some amazing deserts (both in terms of looks and taste) that we had in Europe. One of our all time favorites that we found in a small coffee / pastry shop in Hallstatt was, a Gugelhupf (pronounced – “google- hoopf”).


This is a southern German / Austrian term for a marble cake or bundt cake with a distinctive ring shape which is usually eaten with coffee, in coffee breaks.

In terms of its history, there are two conflicting stories regarding the origin of the Gugelhupf*.

The first story says that the three holy kings, on their way home from Bethlehem, traveled through the Alsace region of France. The residents of Alsace were so delighted of their visit that they baked them a cake resembling the shape of their turbans, thus inventing the traditional form of the Gugelhupf.

The second story claims that the Gugelhupf was invented in Austria. Marie Antoinette, queen of France and archdutchess of Austria, brought the cake from the Alp region to the french region of Versailles.

While walking around in Hallstatt, we entered a coffee shop with a beautiful view of the lake. In the menu we decided to order this due to its unusual name and the fact that the menu said that this is a pastry made with wheat.

It is like a marble cake, very tasty, extremely light and not very sweet. It was served with cream and chocolate sauce, which were also home-made and super light and tasty.

A must have for anyone visiting Austria or Southern Germany.

* Source – http://www.germanfoodguide.com


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