Taste of my visit to Europe – Sachertorte

8 Feb

During my travel planning phase for Vienna, I was generally discussing my travel plans with a friend and she told me, “if you are going to Vienna then you must go to the Cafe Sacher and try the Sacher Torte. It’s a must must eat pastry of Vienna”. 

This got me interested and I decided to research further on this, which yielded that there has been quite a controversy surrounding this small pastry – concerning its recipe, name (who was the original) and the marketing (this legal battle was between Cafe Sacher and Cafe Demel). Not surprisingly, the recipe is a closely guarded secret and available in very select places. This was enough to pick our interest and we decided to visit Cafe Sacher to try this “pastry with the interesting legacy”.

In terms of its origin, the story goes that in 1832 the Prince asked his personal chef to create a special dessert for his important guests.

Cafe Melange… Sacher Torte.. Cappuccino.. (down to up)

unfortunately his head chef fell ill and his 16-year-old apprentice, Franz Sacher, created this desert. While this desert was a hit with the guests, there was no further attention to it at that time. It was Sacher’s eldest son Eduard who perfected his father’s recipe and developed the torte into its current form.

When we entered this cafe we were in luck – it was full of people (all tourists) and we got an extremely rude waitress, who gave us the bill even before serving the food. 😡

Anyways, we ordered the Sachertorte along with Cafe Melange and a Cappuccino. You can refer to my earlier post on coffee for more info – http://wp.me/p29z7S-3B.

This pastry consists of two layers of dense, not overly sweet chocolate cake with a thin layer of apricot jam in the middle and dark chocolate icing on the top and sides and served with whipped cream. It is like eating a tasty chocolate pastry with a rich filling of apricot in between the chocolate. You can actually taste the apricot in the pastry. :). And its super tasty.

We tried this pastry in a couple of other cafes too but the taste is just not like what we had at the Cafe Sacher. They all tasted like plain chocolate pastries.

You can try the sachertorte of Cafe Demel too but I can’t comment on it as we didn’t try that.

So even though it’s a complete over-priced touristy thing and have rude staff – a visit to the Hotel Sacher for this sachertorte is a must.

2 Responses to “Taste of my visit to Europe – Sachertorte”

  1. Reyyan Erguder January 12, 2015 at 15:19 #

    Great blog! I like Café Sperl’s sachertorte as well. Yum..


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