Going Bananas???

2 Mar

When we visited Kerala, besides the beautiful green landscapes, what I found to be the most fascinating – were the local bananas. In Kerala bananas comes in different colors, varieties and sizes and each variety has a different taste. In fact the taste of these bananas is very different from the bananas that I have had even in other parts of India.

So during your trip to Kerala, you should definitely try the following –

Ripe bananas as fruits – if you visit any local market you can see yellow, green, red and brown bananas. In all these colors, there are additional versions available – long thin bananas or short stout bananas. The green and yellow versions can be had as raw fruits and the red and brown are for curries. My personal favourite is the short yellow banana, it’s very sweet and a must try. 🙂

Cooked as vegetables / curries – if you try a local Kerala meal in any restaurant, you are bound to have one cooked banana vegetable. It can be cooked in numerous ways (each region within Kerala also differs in terms of recipes) and it can be made using either the raw banana fruit, banana shoot, banana flowers or the banana stem.

Deserts – Bananas are also added to ice-creams, custards, cakes and other local desserts.

Snack – They make banana fritters as a local snack, in which they take ripe bananas, dip it in a flour batter and then fry it. I personally didn’t like it much but you can try it.

But the best of all here are the banana chips. These are thinly sliced and then deep-fried bananas.

New Image2

Deep Fried Bananas 🙂 Sinful

Fresh Banana Chips :)

They are widely available everywhere in all markets, shops, streets etc. In fact, in the evenings you will see numerous people standing on the streets with hand carts and frying chips right in front of you. So my recommendation is, leave all your theories on diets and calories aside and try this super hot and fresh chips just out of the frying pan. Believe me its a super must. 🙂


3 Responses to “Going Bananas???”

  1. everyotherdaybyanne March 4, 2012 at 15:56 #

    Must love the colours!


  2. Travel Bugster May 18, 2012 at 12:08 #

    Hey, Nice shot. Very colorful!-Dave


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