On Choosing a Travel Season (Low vis-a-vis High)

7 May

Choosing the travel season for a vacation i.e. traveling in a Low vis-a-vis High or Tourist vis-a-vis Off is very important when you are finalising on a place to visit. Since my travel philosophy is to travel budget I love travelling in the off-season. However I  then have to research a lot and customise my holiday, stay and activities accordingly. Also, I think travelling during off season gives you chance to interact a lot with the locals, see another aspect of that city and get an actual feel of the place.

Below are a few of my reasons on the pros and cons of each –

5 Reasons Why Travelling in Low / Off Season is Fun –

  1. Off season means no planning and reserving for everything at least a couple of months in advance. Call up any accommodation of your choice and it will be available.
  2. Off season means more discounts from all hotels, travel agents, etc, which means super savings for a budget traveler. Discount is a word which is music to my ears always.
  3. Off season means fewer people which means no crowds and jostles in places to see.
  4. Off season means no queues and no advance reservations.
  5. Off season means better service as everyone has the time to cater to your whims and fancies. 

5 Reasons Why Travelling in Low / Off  Season in Boring  –

  1. Low Season usually means bad / uncooperative weather. It could be too hot, too cold, raining etc.
  2. Low season means that a lot of local cafes, pubs, restaurants will be closed. These are usually the places that give any local place its character and feel.
  3. Low season means streets being deserted in the evenings and in some places that might not be safe.
  4. Low season means that a lot of museums, palaces etc open for lesser number of hours which means less time to explore.
  5. Low season means not enough fun people / fellow travellers to meet during the trip.

So, whenever you are planning a holiday, think of all these points, then take your pick and pack up to GET SET AND GO.


4 Responses to “On Choosing a Travel Season (Low vis-a-vis High)”

  1. Sam and the dunes May 7, 2012 at 12:55 #

    Great posting. Thanks for sharing!


  2. V. Sridhar May 7, 2012 at 17:09 #

    Good one.


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