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My Reflections on 2013 and Expectations from 2014

3 Jan

As I sit down to write this post today, I can’t help feeling that 2013 has just flown by. It seems like one minute I was penning down my travel targets and resolutions for 2013 (you can read more on it at 2012, the year that went by and 2013, the year to come) and suddenly it’s time to plan for 2014. But a year has definitely gone by and a lot has been achieved, many lessons learnt and many stories collected. When I had set my targets my 2013, I was so focused on travel that I set all my targets and energies just around it, but in the real journey I actually ended up learning so much more and meeting so many amazing people that I feel I have grown as a traveler and a person.

Chinese Fishing Nets of Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala

Chinese Fishing Nets of Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala

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A Spa Experience at the Four Fountains Spa

4 May

As many of you may know I am planning to be on the road again for quite a long trip soon, and all I have done in these last 3 weeks (apart from a hectic office and everyone unwell at home) is to plan, eat and sleep this trip. Things finally reached such a saturation point, that nothing seemed to be working and I just had to shut my brain and go for some form of spa therapy. And thankfully I came across the Four Fountains Spa.

The Four Fountains Spa’s USP is that it is one of India’s largest spa chains with a variety of spa therapies at affordable prices. This was a big criteria for me as my frequent travels always leave me with quite depleted (nearly empty) bank accounts. Also as I am always saving for that next trip, the first few things to take a cut are such seeming luxuries. 🙂

Photo Courtesy -

Photo Courtesy –

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My blogging journey completes 1 year

23 Jan

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber.

These words ring so true in my ears today as I reminisce about my blogging journey till date. It is a matter of great pride to me that I have completed one full year of this wonderful journey and I am still unaware of my final destination. Though the ride has been full of mixed elements yet I will not trade this experience for anything else in this world.

When I had started this blog, I had just started writing with an intent to have my own creative space to write of interesting things and not just my boring office emails. But this blog has grown so much more than that (100 posts, 1000+ followers, 1400 comments, etc) and I have discovered an alternate world that has helped me –

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A big thanks for all the blog awards…. 2

30 Dec

Continuing from my earlier post – The Blog Awards 1, this post continues with thanking all the other fellow bloggers who have nominated me for these various awards and given me a chance to spread the cheer during this festive season. So here we go –

One Lovely Blog Award – I would like to thank Dre at Grackle & SunCelena, Anil Cm and Shantaya for nominating me for this award and honor.


You can follow their blogs at –

1.         Dre at Grackle & Sun –

2.         Celena –

3.         Anil Cm –

4.         Shantaya –

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A Big Thanks for the Blog Awards… Part 1

28 Dec
It makes me giddy (with elation),
It makes me laugh (with happiness),
Because you want my autograph (for all these awards).

 These numerous blog awards have done this to me, wherein I am reminded of this childhood jingle that we used to sing at receiving any awards for our academic accomplishments. Today, I am super happy and elated that my blog (which is less than a year old) has received so much appreciation, recognition and a variety of blog awards. In this short time span, blogging has come to mean the world to me wherein I have made new friends, shared my travel stories with other bloggers, had new adventures while reading posts of other bloggers and most of all writing in my own way. So here’s a big thank you to all of you who have been following, reading, commenting, nominating and visiting this small space of mine…

 For simplicity, I have compiled a list of all the awards that I have received in the last 9 months and will write 2 blog posts to thank all the bloggers who have nominated me and to nominate other blogs for these awards. So here we go –

 The Kreativ Blogger Award – I would like to thank TheBurntMap for this award and honor, in April 2012 (when I was hardly 4 months old). You should visit his blog at  to follow his travel chronicles all over India.


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2012, the year that went by and 2013, the year to come

13 Dec

December, for some inexplicable reason, always ends up becoming a month of stock taking (of how the year went by) and planning for the brand new coming year (which is exciting). While I have long ago given up the whole resolution business (couldn’t keep any single one anyways) , I still like the chance to prepare for things to done in the new year, holidays to be taken and personal goals to be achieved. I guess this gives the control freak in me another chance to plan for things and be prepared in my own ways. 🙂

So when I has planned for the year 2012, I had decided to set up something for writing on my travels / sharing travel stories (though I hadn’t decided on a blog then), visit at least 2 new places in India and 2 new places internationally in and improve my photography skills.

So how did 2012 finally turn out? Well, 2012 was not a good year personally but it was otherwise a great year and I ended up doing a lot of new things. After reading an article on blogging, I set up this travel blog in late January 2012. I am super happy with it as in less than a year I have 92 posts, support of 950+ followers, 1200 comments, learnt of so many new places (through other blogs) and I have discovered a whole new world of blogging friends. On the travel front – for a long time it seemed I will not be able to visit the 4 new places, as all plans kept getting cancelled for various reasons. But luckily a few plans did work out and I am happy to say that in the end I managed to achieve these travel targets. I ended up travelling internationally to Thailand, Cambodia and Dubai and in India to Delhi, Pushkar and Bundi. Is this enough? Definitely not but I learnt a lot about better planning of holidays, managing more in limited time, improving my photohgraphy skills and discovering the joy in visiting those off beat simple places.

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I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award

26 Jun

Any award or recognition received no matter how, what, where, for etc etc is always an honor and a big encouragement because it reinforces the fact that you seem to be doing something right…

Last week, Gypsy Life nominated my blog Getsetandgo for my first blog award – the Versatile Blogger Award. I would really like to thank her for this nomination and the honor. You should visit her blog at to follow her  amazing pictures and interesting stories on her travels within New Zealand and Australia.

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Hello world!

22 Jan


My name is Snigdha and I love to talk, eat, cook, read, write, make crafty’ things, hang out with friends, bake, etc. But the thing that really keeps me going is traveling….

While I would love to live out of a suitcase, I have a full time job (a banker) and loans to pay. But I still manage to take time off to travel in between or try to sightsee whenever I travel for work.

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