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A long weekend in the Garden of Streams – Jhira Bagh Palace, Dhar, Madhya Pradesh

11 Apr

In the last few months my travel plans seem to have a mind of their own and I have travelled to majority of the places that I had not originally envisaged. Changes have been galore and several airlines have made a lot of money on my cancellations. Thankfully though via another unexpected change in plans I found myself in Jhira Bagh Palace in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh for a long 4 day weekend trip. And I am so glad that my earlier plans did not work out.

Jhira Bagh Palace, Dhar, Madhya Pradesh

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Best Travel Moments from 2014 (The Year of many Firsts’)

31 Dec

Bidding goodbye to any year is never without mixed feelings. On one hand there is an excitement about planning for the new year anticipating new possibilities and potential opportunities. While on the other, there is a sadness like bidding goodbye to a good friend (time!), who has been a constant companion through the year, seen us through life’s ups and its downs, taken us to new shores, helped us grow another bit and discover that one other aspect about ourselves which we didn’t expect to find.

Clouds in water, Shudu Lake, Potatso National Park, Shangri-La, China

Clouds in water, Shudu Lake, Potatso National Park, Shangri-La, China

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Planning Guide – for a trip to Kanha National Park

10 Aug

A friend once told to me that “jungles are an addiction” and I thought to myself, “that is just impossible”. Many material things can be an addiction, but jungles – no way. Little did I know then that one trip to Kanha would prove me completely wrong. And if you also think like I did, then its time you plan a trip to this amazing jungle. Below is a quick planning guide to help you find your way –

Introduction to Kanha National Park –

Kanha  is one of the biggest national parks and a tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh, India. By definition, a national park is a  reserve of natural, semi-natural, or developed land that a sovereign state declares or owns and uses for conservation purposes. Although each country has their own ways of classifying parks as national parks, the common idea always is – conservation of wild nature for posterity and as a symbol of national pride. Per wikipedia, we have a total of 166 authorised national parks in India and there are quite a few more national parks that have been proposed by the state governments and awaiting approval.

Drive through trees

Drive through trees

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Tracking a Tiger in the Jungle

19 Jul

Unlike in a zoo, a tiger sighting in a jungle safari is never assured or guaranteed, as it all depends on where the tiger is at that point in time. And the movement of the tiger is dependent on numerous factors such as – low tiger density, the area the tiger has to roam around in is vast and only specific limited areas are open for public (the tiger has to be where you are), the weather (in rains they retreat deeper into the forests), the topography (can’t see them amidst dense forests), your luck (even during the same safari some see the tiger and some people don’t), etc etc.

The walk of a 3 year old grown up cub, Kanha National Park

The walk of a 3 year old grown up cub, Kanha National Park

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Photo Essay – Nature’s Canvas, Landscape of Kanha National Park

13 Jul

A trip to Kanha is like traveling to a nature lovers’ paradise with beautiful sights and sounds for your senses and your soul – every second of the drive opens up newer and beautiful vistas before you, gorgeous birds fly all around and their music is like peace for some part of your inner being and the animals of Kanha provide valuable lessons that we humans definitely need to learn.

But this post today is dedicated to the landscapes of  Kanha; that surely transports you into an alternate world where nature seems to have unleashed its creative juices and created a magnificent canvas with various elements from nature. And for my post today, I have decided to post a photo essay by combining the beauty of this landscape with some of my favourite quotes. Enjoy.

“There is always music amongst the trees in the Garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.”
― Minnie Aumonier
Drive through trees

Drive through endless green Sal trees

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Quick Postcard from Kanha – Fruits for Sindoor (Vermilion)

3 Jul

Visiting any new place is like a tour down an unknown lane of discovery, discoveries both big and small. My latest discovery was this local sindoor or vermilion that we saw in Madhya Pradesh. Sindoor is an integral part of the Indian culture and I have always seen my mom wear it. But for me sindoor was red powder in a box that always around. I never thought of how it was made or where it came from. Until recently when I saw this tree in Kanha that was used to make sindoor by the local tribal women. 


The Flowers and the Fruit used to make sindoor

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Photo Essay – Birds of Kanha National Park

29 Jun

Kanha National Park is best known for its tiger population and the tiger sightings. But on my trip I discovered that it’s also a bird watcher’s and a photographers paradise. We had numerous sightings of some beautiful birds (both the common and the not so common) but I was able to capture just a few through the lens of my camera. And sharing the ones caught with you below –

Shikra Bird – These are hunting birds that prey on other birds. The males have a red iris while the females have a yellow iris and they can hunt birds as large as themselves.

Shikra Bird, Male with a red iris.

Shikra Bird, Male with a red iris

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