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Excuse for a holiday… I have my laptop and will always be connected…..

3 May

Whenever I want a holiday which my boss is not approving for reasons  such as “there is too much work at present or there are so many deliverables, how can you go?” etc etc – I have a superb ready-made excuse. It’s “Boss, I am going to take my laptop with me and will always be connected. Rest assured that I shall respond to all my emails and work on all the deliverables”. 🙂

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Misplaced Baggage???

5 Mar

Whenever I am travelling by air and especially if there is a change in aircrafts etc, I am somehow always dreading the following scenario – “I am standing at the luggage belt section of my destination, and everyone else has left with their bags but my luggage doesn’t arrive”.

While the airlines will eventually find the luggage, it’s still a hassle to start your vacation on such a note and get stuck without clothes, etc for at least that day or two.

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Valid Visa????

2 Mar

There are 2 extremely important travel documents for all international travel – passport and visas; and always be sure to check them both before you undertake any such travel.

Always check the validity of the passport. Many countries do not allow entry if the expiry of the passport is in less that 3 / 6 months.

If you plan travel to any destination for which you hold a long-term visa then take a minute and check the validity of this visa. 🙂

Want a paid for / free vacation?

21 Feb

This is for all my fellow budget travellers (including myself) who can always do with a free / paid for vacations.

No you don’t need rich benevolent relatives or wait to win a free trip in any random quiz contest. All you need to do is to find an official conference in an exotic location, convince your boss that is important for him to attend it and then pile on so of much work (marked super urgent) on his desk that he is unable to attend. Post that, per the comic below, pray and concentrate all your positive energy(chi), that your boss sends you in his place. 🙂

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Wally’s New Excuse for Leave from Work

14 Feb

I love travel but with a full-time job and limited leaves, it is a constant endeavor to keep coming up with newer and more innovative excuses to ask for leaves.

During one such research exercise for newer excuses to give to my boss , I came across this awesome comic strip at Check this link for more –

Anyone tried anything like this ever? 🙂

Effect of a Vacation on Work Productivity

11 Feb

I love travel and the one ready excuse that I always have for my boss is that it helps me destress and come back to work all charged up and ready to slog.

However increasingly I am coming to realise that vacations are not as “destressing” as I thought them to be. Check the comic strip below to understand what I mean. Between I 100% agree with this.


Bollywood Corner

10 Feb

My fellow travellers, guess where did we see this shop????

Bollywood Corner…

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When is Boss planning his Leave???

27 Jan

Is it a vacation only if you are on leave and traveling to some new place? Well I have come across another way to be on a vacation – when your boss is on leave.  My boss always says, that his team gets two sets of leaves – once when the team is itself on leave and the second time when the boss is on leave. I must admit that it is true.

This comic strip below is for all of us who wait for the boss to go on a vacation to enjoy our well deserved holiday at work…. 🙂

When is boss planning his leave?

When is boss planning his leave?

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Vacation Relaxation

26 Jan

Normally, vacations are for much deserved breaks, relaxing, letting go of the long pent-up stress of work and life related tensions. However there are some people (including me) who just don’t understand this concept.  A friend of mine found this really cute pic (at and sent it to me. And I just couldn’t resist posting it for all my friends and family members who are exactly like this.. 🙂

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