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Weekly Photo Challenge – Sea

31 Aug

This week’s weekly photo challenge is “Sea” and the emotions that the “Sea” invokes in each one of us. And, I couldn’t have asked for a better topic as amongst all the natural sights, this is my favorite. I was born and live in Mumbai, a city by the Arabian Sea and was lucky to live in a sea facing house (till very recently too). Hence some of my earliest memories are of the sights and sounds of the sea; and its various moods and colors have been an important part of my growing up years. Hence it’s no surprise that some of my best holidays and pictures have been by the sea and I am sharing some of the same with you today –

1. I love the gentleness of the sea but more than that I love its crazy angry look during the monsoons, when the tall waves literally come crashing down on the shores and rocks.

The wild monsoon sea in Mumbai

The wild monsoon sea in Mumbai

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Goa in the monsoons

30 Apr

Ever visited any beach destination completely off season and that too during peak rains? Well I have. We had once visited Goa in July (which is the peak monsoon season in the western parts of India). While this is not the actual touristy season, I felt Goa had another side to offer during the monsoons, which was as much and more fun.

During this season all major beach activity is shut as it’s not safe to enter the waters, the shacks are pretty much closed and the party places are empty. But during this season you can actually see the wild side of nature in Goa – with strong winds, mad rock crashing waves, crazily waving palm leaves and beautiful greenery all around.

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Beach Hopping in Goa…

25 Apr

I am one of those people who have visited Goa numerous times (for all of us who live in Mumbai that’s the closest holiday destination and an anytime quick trip). But I must say, that despite the numerous trips,  my holiday has never been repetitive and neither have I ever felt that I have explored Goa completely. There is still so much more that I have to see here.


But my most memorable one has been my last trip to Goa, which was a lazy mad trip with 2 of my equally mad friends, where the most important decision we took was which beach to go to and which shack to choose to plonk ourselves in for the day.

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Go Goa… But on a Budget Ride

13 Apr

If you pick up a political map of India and try looking for Goa (without having any idea about where it is) then my bet is that you will not be able to find this state in the first go. This is because it is one of the smallest states in India, sandwiched between 2 large states of Maharashtra and Karnataka; with the Arabian Sea on the other side.

But what this state lacks in size, it more than makes up for it in terms of beautiful pristine beaches, old churches, portuguese influenced culture and numerous other things to see and do. Goa has all kinds of options for an enjoyable visit – you can have a good budget trip (stay and live for peanuts) or stay at a high-end resorts (have a super luxurious holiday). And you can never have enough of this place. Though I have been there 5 – 6 times, there are still numerous parts of Goa that I have to explore and many more things to see and do.

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Beat the Heat… with a few pics…

11 Apr

It’s only mid – April but the peak summer heat has already descended upon Mumbai, making it quite an unbearable city.  The temperatures have started touching upwards of 30 degrees Centigrade and we still have 2.5 more months of such summer to get through.

Hence its no surprise that I am at present sitting in office and dreaming of a holiday that includes a nice long dip in the cool waters of a beautiful beach. Since I can’t be on a beach at present (my friends from Mumbai please don’t even bother talking about beaches here in Mumbai) I am posting about other beaches. 

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