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Singapore – has rules for everything….

25 May

“Disclaimer – this is meant as a humorous post and intended to just bring a smile on your face. It is not a personal opinion, judgement or views of the author and is not intended to harm / represent any country or its laws in poor light”. šŸ™‚

Anyone who’s been to Singapore will agree with me that for some reason this is one country that is obsessedĀ with rules and regulations, their enforcement andĀ having designated areas for everything. Not that this is a bad thing at all as every country has some of its own and I definitely don’t want to start about the laws of India.

HoweverĀ some of these I found are veryĀ strange and funny, for example –

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Beautiful Chinese Tea Pots

24 Apr

Whenever people visit Singapore and decide to go shopping – they either hit one of theĀ many malls (on Orchard Street) or like my fellow Indians hit the Mustafa stores (in Little India).

But if you ever find yourself in SingaporeĀ and have the time for some unusual shopping, then pleaseĀ make the effort andĀ visit Chinatown. No, it’s notĀ recommendedĀ for the cheap Chinese goods,Ā butĀ for finding some of the most unusual stuff and that too of all kinds. It’s one of those places that you can literally find anything – from the most quaint of things to the mostĀ funny / weird stuff and the likes of me can just spend hours browsing through it all.

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