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A Spa Experience at the Four Fountains Spa

4 May

As many of you may know I am planning to be on the road again for quite a long trip soon, and all I have done in these last 3 weeks (apart from a hectic office and everyone unwell at home) is to plan, eat and sleep this trip. Things finally reached such a saturation point, that nothing seemed to be working and I just had to shut my brain and go for some form of spa therapy. And thankfully I came across the Four Fountains Spa.

The Four Fountains Spa’s USP is that it is one of India’s largest spa chains with a variety of spa therapies at affordable prices. This was a big criteria for me as my frequent travels always leave me with quite depleted (nearly empty) bank accounts. Also as I am always saving for that next trip, the first few things to take a cut are such seeming luxuries. 🙂

Photo Courtesy - shopping.rediff.com

Photo Courtesy – shopping.rediff.com

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