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Ajmer – my visit and impressions

10 Feb

During our stay in Pushkar, we decided to book a local cab for a day and explore Ajmer. Now Ajmer and Pushkar are pretty much twin cities just separated by a hill and a 15 – 20 minute drive. Based on my own experience, I recommend that everyone stay in Pushkar and visit Ajmer for a day trip only.

We started our day with a visit to the Jain temple of Nareli. Nareli is a new temple complex that is around 7 kms ahead of Ajmer and is a kind of township. There is a main temple building built-in the centre on the ground and 23 small temples built atop the hill behind this main temple. The color of the stone used for these temples is a mix of pink and red which contrasts with the barren hills around this place and contribute to the character of this complex. There are gardens all around the main temple and they have small rooms built with replicas of Jain beliefs on conducting their life and small boards which explain the principles of Jainism in the most simple language.

Jain Temple, Nareli, Ajmer

Jain Temple, Nareli, Ajmer

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Travel Plans for a quick 5 day off-beat trip to Rajasthan

18 Dec

October this year came up with a fabulous opportunity to take a quick unplanned holiday. In a week, the Wednesday was an off and so was that same Friday, so if you just took a thursday off – you got full 5 days holiday.  On seeing this small window of opportunity, the travel junkie in me just couldn’t resist and decided to go somewhere, rather go anywhere. However realty hit me hard, when I saw the extremely expensive air fare for any place that I wanted to visit, so I decided to leave all those places and check my options via an overnight train travel from Mumbai.

Now, I am one of those people who really need to plan for a trip much in advance and research / mull on it for at least a month. But in this case I decided the broad trip details in 2 days and landed up at the place with only the trains and hotels booked. Rest all, I left to be discovered en route; I guess this is as impulsive as I’ll ever get. And I am glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed; in fact, I realised that there is a different experience all together when you travel like this. For starters, you haven’t read a lot about a place so it’s all new and unexpected. Secondly this allows you a lot of flexibility in the paths to take or things to do.

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A quick visit to Ajmer and Pushkar continued

27 Oct

On our second last day of the trip, we decided to head out to Ajmer to see two very famous Jain temples of Nareli and Nasiyan. Since it was eid today we decided to skip a visit to the famous Dargah and instead check out the lake and old markets.

Well my verdict on Ajmer, we loved the 2 Jain temples and I recommend it for a visit to all non Jains too. Other than that Ajmer is quite a disappointment and you can give it a miss. There is nothing special about this place that catches your attention or makes it special.

We then returned to Pushkar and continued our lazing around in the local atmosphere, sights and eating some amazing Tibetan food in a beautiful garden restaurant under a canopy of leaves. Also saw the original Pushkar lake which is now dry and called Budhe or old Pushkar. Now ending my last night in Rajasthan under a star filled sky with some famous Rajasthani folk music and dances.

More to follow in a detailed post once I am back, but below is today’s installment of instagram post cards –


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