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Beach Hopping in Goa…

25 Apr

I am one of those people who have visited Goa numerous times (for all of us who live in Mumbai that’s the closest holiday destination and an anytime quick trip). But I must say, that despite the numerous trips,  my holiday has never been repetitive and neither have I ever felt that I have explored Goa completely. There is still so much more that I have to see here.


But my most memorable one has been my last trip to Goa, which was a lazy mad trip with 2 of my equally mad friends, where the most important decision we took was which beach to go to and which shack to choose to plonk ourselves in for the day.

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Kerala Continued – Route 4 – Cochin – Alleppey (Alappuzha)- Kumarakom

19 Feb

In continuation to my earlier post – Kerala Solved http://wp.me/p29z7S-4h , I am now writing on my personal experiences and recommendations for the region route 4 i.e. Cochin (Kochi) –Alleppey (Alappuzha) – Kumarakom.

Alleppey and Kumarakom are 2 places which are pretty much alike and just separated by a huge lake (one is on the eastern side and one is on the western side of the lake). You can visit either of the places and don’t necessarily need to visit both of them. For our trip, we decided to take a one night tour on the houseboat from Alleppey and then booked a one night home-stay in a traditional Kerala farm-house by the lake  (over looking Kumarakom bird sanctuary).

Alleppey Backwaters

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Kerala Continued – Route 3 – Cochin – Munnar – Thekkady – Sabarimala

13 Feb

In continuation of my earlier post – Kerala Solved http://wp.me/p29z7S-4h, I am now writing about my personal experiences and recommendations for the region/route 3 i.e. Cochin (Kochi) – Munnar – Thekkady – Sabarimala .  Beware – its one long post. 🙂

We started our Kerala trip with Kochi. In case you have time you should spend at least 2 days here as it has some beautiful temples, churches, palaces and ecotourism villages to see. The sight of the fishing nets hung in the sea here is also a must photograph scene. Continue reading

Kerala – Truly God’s Own Country

1 Feb


Ever since I have started blogging, I have been writing only about my Europe trip and have completely neglected the beautiful places in my own country, India.  So today I decided to rectify this and start writing about India as well. And what better place to start this then from the southern state of India – Kerala.

Kerala is a land of riveting diversity and the more you start reading about it the more you realise that it has a lot to offer to anyone who wants to visit.

It is a narrow strip of coastal territory in the southern part of India, that starts from the Western Ghats and ends with the Arabian sea. The topography also changes in between with hills, valleys, backwaters, spice, rubber and tea plantations, beaches, national parks and small islands.

Alleppey – Backwaters

In terms of art, it is known for its beautiful dance forms like Kathakali and Mohini Attam and the famous martial art form of Kalaripayattu.

It is a completely literate state in India and you can find religious places for all communities – Hindu temples, mosques, churches, and even synagogues. It is also the land of ayurveda and is known for some of the best centres for specific treatments.

Munnar – Tea Plantations

Since there is a lot to be written on this I have decided to break this into a couple of sections / individual posts and write region / topography wise.

So follow this space for my take on a budget trip to Kerala.

Tips for Trips –

1) There is a lot to see here,  so first short list on what your interests are and then decide on what is it that you want to see / do.


2) Decide on the duration of the trip because you can do either short trips of 3 – 4 days to a long trip of 1 – 2 months.

3) On a budget trip, be open to the idea of homestays. Homestays are when you decide to rent a place to stay with local families. There are all kinds of options available and they are clean and safe. Also since you stay with a local family, you get a lot of insights into the local cuisine, customs and to do / see things which are not necessarily tourit’y’.

4) Rent a car and you can drive all over Kerala.