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In Bruges….

1 Apr

For Europe, I always believe that along with visiting cities, you should also take some time and visit some of the smaller towns close by to these cities. These smaller towns are the ones that give you an actual flavor of that country, its culture and most importantly, its people. Hence during our Belgium stint, we spent a beautiful day in the picture perfect town of Bruges.

Bruges is a small town in Flanders that is in the northern part of Belgium. This is a  small medieval European city, which is full of canals and beautiful old orange and red houses. Though this city is not as big as some other cities in Europe but it definitely has its own charm and many touristy things to do.

Below is my take on this town, through my camera lens.

 Though there are some beautiful churches here we decided to start our trip with a climb up the Clock Tower i.e. Belfry.

Belgian Chocolates

28 Mar

Whenever there is any discussions on deserts, I am always reminded of Belgium and its famous – waffles and chocolates.

We got a chance to sample the Belgian chocolates in Bruges, where every street, corner and nearly every third shop was selling these mouth-watering deserts. It’s like you control an urge to binge at one window, only to encounter another one in the next 5 seconds. What we found even more fascinating was  that apart from the actual taste of these chocolates, there was an added emphasis on its looks / display.

We took a picture of a display window of one such chocolate shop. Please note that every piece on display (except the ribbons and the teddy bear) is made of super yum chocolate. The sheer variety in terms of flavors / colors / shapes / sizes available here is mind-boggling.

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