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Taste of Europe: Bled’s Kremna Rezina or a Cream Cake

5 Jun

No matter which part of the world you visit one of the most important elements of that visit is sampling the local food and cuisine. So much so that it warrants in-depth research and also a significant allocation from the travel budget. For me though, more than the food, its coffee and deserts. I have a major sweet tooth and no travel research is complete without a thorough analysis of the local deserts and a short list of “must haves” from the local ‘specialty stores’.

Bled Cream Cake at Hotel Park. Pic courtesy - Hotel Park website

Bled Cream Cake at Hotel Park. Pic courtesy – Hotel Park website

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A big thanks for all the blog awards…. 2

30 Dec

Continuing from my earlier post – The Blog Awards 1, this post continues with thanking all the other fellow bloggers who have nominated me for these various awards and given me a chance to spread the cheer during this festive season. So here we go –

One Lovely Blog Award – I would like to thank Dre at Grackle & SunCelena, Anil Cm and Shantaya for nominating me for this award and honor.


You can follow their blogs at –

1.         Dre at Grackle & Sun – http://grackleandsun.wordpress.com/

2.         Celena – http://myunexcusedlife.wordpress.com/

3.         Anil Cm – http://exxtracts.wordpress.com/

4.         Shantaya – http://thepinkexpat.com/

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A Big Thanks for the Blog Awards… Part 1

28 Dec
It makes me giddy (with elation),
It makes me laugh (with happiness),
Because you want my autograph (for all these awards).

 These numerous blog awards have done this to me, wherein I am reminded of this childhood jingle that we used to sing at receiving any awards for our academic accomplishments. Today, I am super happy and elated that my blog (which is less than a year old) has received so much appreciation, recognition and a variety of blog awards. In this short time span, blogging has come to mean the world to me wherein I have made new friends, shared my travel stories with other bloggers, had new adventures while reading posts of other bloggers and most of all writing in my own way. So here’s a big thank you to all of you who have been following, reading, commenting, nominating and visiting this small space of mine…

 For simplicity, I have compiled a list of all the awards that I have received in the last 9 months and will write 2 blog posts to thank all the bloggers who have nominated me and to nominate other blogs for these awards. So here we go –

 The Kreativ Blogger Award – I would like to thank TheBurntMap for this award and honor, in April 2012 (when I was hardly 4 months old). You should visit his blog at http://trippinonlife.wordpress.com/the-burnt-what-2/  to follow his travel chronicles all over India.


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