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At times you need to Disconnect to really Connect

24 Jan


Once in a while all of us need a holiday from the everyday mundane that surrounds us, be it work, home, city, etc. But of late I have started feeling that we also need a break from technology :). If you sit back and think you will realize that a major part of our everyday lives is now spent addicted to technology i.e. TV, 24*7 emails (work and personal), Twitter, Facebook, What’sapp, phone calls, etc etc. And this technology addiction follows us on our holidays too, where instead of enjoying the beautiful locale that we are in we continue to live our everyday online existence (of checking various accounts and taking calls). But on the flipside the issue that people like me (with a full time job in these tough markets) grapple with is that we don’t want to be so out of touch that supervisors think that if things can be managed in our short absences then maybe we are not required at all 😉

I recently found this cartoon clip on Phd Comics that perfectly portrays this situation.

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When should you inform your boss that you are going on leave???

11 Oct

With my increasing urge to travel all year round, I have found myself always  pondering over the question – What is the right time to inform your boss that you plan to go on leave?

In an ideal world, the process would be fairly simple – drop in a leave application to the boss and viola its done. But unfortunately this world is not ideal and the leave application process does not work this way. In my case even with the latest technological systems (that provide for less human interface and more automated mechanisms) i.e. you can just send an auto request to the million bytes of codes and they auto approve the request – has not worked. 😦

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Crossing the road in Phnom Penh

19 Aug

Though I come from India, I will still say that the traffic on the roads in Phnom Penh is quite notorious. It is predominantly in the form of bikes / motor bikes and they do not follow any traffic rules. Hence crossing the roads here can be quite a nightmare. You have to keep looking in every direction (at any given point in time) as traffic can attack you from any side. It is like crossing a road filled with a herd of bullets and you are trying to cross in various matrix like postures. 🙂

Anyway, here the traffic signal is the best of all. When the man is red he is stationary, but when he is green he is actually running. Seems to me that the message is – Dont stop, or look around, just run for your life. 🙂

Enjoy the video of this traffic signal –

Know More About Your Coffee

13 Jul

For all of my friends who will see this title and say, “Oh no, more coffee… Havent you written enough posts on coffee already?”, I have to respond and say – “You can never write enough about coffee. It’s like chocolate or mangoes”.. Do you ever feel that you have written / eaten / appreciated enough of chocolates or mangoes or anything else as sinful for that matter? 

My friend Sridhar, another coffee lover (but much much worse than me in fact) sent this really nice email forward on the said subject and I just couldn’t help myself and had to post it… It’s by theoatmeal.com and you can check their site for more such posts.

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A Visit to the Hellbrunn Palace, Salzburg

9 Jun

If you ever find yourself in Salzburg, tired after half a day of forts and gardens and in need of some fun – then take a bus and head to the Hellbrunn Palace. What? Another Palace you say? But believe me this is something that you have to see. This is slightly on the outskirts of the city and the bus frequency is rather slow, but the trip in so worth it.

Hellbrunn Palace is about 400 year old, more of a mansion (than a Palace) and was built only for use as a day residence in summer. While the Palace is beautiful with some pretty artifacts, paintings, murals etc, the main highlight is the Trick Fountains in the Palace Gardens.

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My Cccooofffeeeeeee……….

7 Jun

Everyone who knows me (even the tiniest bit) knows about my love for coffee. Well quite a few of my past posts and talks have also been dedicated to this subject. 🙂

My motto is that coffee can be had at anytime of the day (morning, mid-morning, noon, night, mid-night), in any form (hot, cold, frappe, latte, chocolate, filter, normal) and as any meal (breakfast, lunch, evening snack or dinner).

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Singapore – has rules for everything….

25 May

“Disclaimer – this is meant as a humorous post and intended to just bring a smile on your face. It is not a personal opinion, judgement or views of the author and is not intended to harm / represent any country or its laws in poor light”. 🙂

Anyone who’s been to Singapore will agree with me that for some reason this is one country that is obsessed with rules and regulations, their enforcement and having designated areas for everything. Not that this is a bad thing at all as every country has some of its own and I definitely don’t want to start about the laws of India.

However some of these I found are very strange and funny, for example –

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Misplaced Baggage???

5 Mar

Whenever I am travelling by air and especially if there is a change in aircrafts etc, I am somehow always dreading the following scenario – “I am standing at the luggage belt section of my destination, and everyone else has left with their bags but my luggage doesn’t arrive”.

While the airlines will eventually find the luggage, it’s still a hassle to start your vacation on such a note and get stuck without clothes, etc for at least that day or two.

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Valid Visa????

2 Mar

There are 2 extremely important travel documents for all international travel – passport and visas; and always be sure to check them both before you undertake any such travel.

Always check the validity of the passport. Many countries do not allow entry if the expiry of the passport is in less that 3 / 6 months.

If you plan travel to any destination for which you hold a long-term visa then take a minute and check the validity of this visa. 🙂

Want a paid for / free vacation?

21 Feb

This is for all my fellow budget travellers (including myself) who can always do with a free / paid for vacations.

No you don’t need rich benevolent relatives or wait to win a free trip in any random quiz contest. All you need to do is to find an official conference in an exotic location, convince your boss that is important for him to attend it and then pile on so of much work (marked super urgent) on his desk that he is unable to attend. Post that, per the comic below, pray and concentrate all your positive energy(chi), that your boss sends you in his place. 🙂

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