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Travel Smart with Skyscanner to Spain

12 Mar

As everyone knows by now, traveling is my passion. And when I am not actually on the road, then dreaming about my next destination is a favorite pastime. But if you travel as frequently as I do, then traveling smart becomes an essential element of the trip. So when I came across this travel contest on Indiblogger on Travel Smart with Skyscanner, I decided to preplan for my next dream vacation. 🙂

All set for the next dream vacation :)

All set for the next dream vacation 🙂

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Creating Happy Travelers – in South Africa

9 Sep

Yatra.com has asked a question on Indiblogger.in – If you could take your family or friends to any place on the planet, where would that be and how would you make your trip the happiest one ever?

For me the answer is quite simple, I will take my parents on a trip that they have always wanted i.e. to visit South Africa. I have traveled extensively to international destinations with my sister, my friends, my colleagues but somehow we have never traveled abroad for a family vacation. I think its time for me to remedy this!

Giraffes in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Giraffes in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Pic courtesy – wikipedia

My parents love game reserves and watching animals live their daily lives in their own territories and Africa has always been the favored destination. But after  a family friend moved to South Africa for work and regularly started posting pictures online, we discovered the destination – South Africa. Through their pictures we saw the sheer variety available for any traveler’s dream vacation in a single country – stunning landscapes, amazing game reserves, various adventure sports, rich history and their own struggle for freedom, amazing people, to just name a few. Hence South Africa was the destination decided for our very own dream family vacation.

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