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20 Reasons why Slovenia must be on your travel wishlist for 2015

7 Apr

“S-LOVE-nia”; a small country that just like the spelling in its name
makes you fall hopelessly in love with it at first and in every sight.
It’s a small country cozily tucked amongst Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia but somehow is one of those rare places that has the best of everything and something for every visitor. It’s also one of the few countries in Europe that’s very young – both in terms of creation and age of the local population. It was part of erstwhile Yugoslavia but it got its constitution in 1991 and only became a part of the EU in 2004. Hence it should be on every travelers “cheat” wish-list to Europe – as it offers all experiences that are European (with flavors from all its neighbors) while retaining its own charm and flavors.

And elaborating from above, please find below my 20 reasons why this country should be on your travel wish-list for 2015 –

1. Live your own fairy tale – Visiting Slovenia is like being
transported into your own fairy tale where you see castles nestled
amongst clouds atop green hilltops, rivers flowing along your paths
and verdant green forests as far as the eyes can see. Frozen 2 can
actually be shot here 🙂

Triglav National Park, Slovenia

Triglav National Park, Slovenia

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