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Photo Essay: Art in the streets of Ljubljana

17 Feb

While randomly walking around Ljubljana we discovered that this city hosts a lot of public street art and graffiti. Pretty much everywhere you walk to – you come across either a beautiful mural or an interesting installation or a unique sculpture. There are certain areas such the Metelkova district, former military barracks, that has now become a self-declared autonomous culture place to gather for alternative / underground artists. The entire area is full of huge murals, installations and bits mosaic work. We felt that Ljubljana has such an underlying creative energy or feel that you cant help but return inspired to create your masterpieces.

Sharing these beautiful pieces of art via a photo essay with you below –

My favorite graffiti in Ljublana

My favorite graffiti in Ljubljana – Books Books everywhere

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Photo Essay: Spending a Day in Ljubljana

10 Apr

Our Slovenia travel chapter started with its beautiful capital city and the smallest capital in Europe – Ljubljana (“lyoob-lyAH-nah”). Interestingly Ljubljana is a city that does not have any world-famous monuments or attractions or a long or short list of to do’s. But it has many things to see and do and the best way to discover its secrets is via our favorite way – ditch the map and walk around aimlessly on foot.

Ljubljana from the Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia

Ljubljana from the Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia

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