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Neemrana Hill Fort Kesroli (Alwar, Rajasthan)

9 Jun

About a year ago, my friend Archi and I had managed to take a 10 day trip to what we call our own modified Golden Triangle visit in North India i.e. we visited Amritsar – New Delhi – Alwar instead of the typical Agra – New Delhi – Jaipur. While I’ll write about New Delhi and Amritsar in separate posts, this post is about our visit to Neemrana’s Hill Fort Resort Kesroli in Alwar.

We had quite a full Delhi and Amritsar visit, hence had decided to end our trip with a nice relaxing 2 nights 3 day visit to this property and booked everything in advance from Mumbai. Before the actual booking we had come across several negative reviews online and were pretty apprehensive about the place, but then just decided to give the place a chance and went ahead with it.

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