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Photo Essay – Walking around Stockholm’s Old Town or Gamla Stan

30 Sep

Off late travels have been more related to work wherein trips are short (mostly day trips in each city or country) and only available free time for exploration being a couple of hours in the evenings. But I am not complaining as I am happy with just the chance to be able to spend some time in these new places, get a sense of the place and plan my future trips. And one such place that I recently landed up in was Stockholm. Being a hectic trip, I only had a couple of hours to explore (definitely not enough to do justice) but still decided to walk around their old town (also called Gamla Stan) and see as much as I could. I had not done any research and didn’t have a guide books or maps. Hence just wandered around exploring the various nooks and corners and sharing my impressions via a quick photo essay below.

Old Town Stockholm

Old Town Stockholm

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