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My Top Picks to Shop for in Prague

26 May

Prague is one of may favourite cities in Europe as its old, quaint and beautiful. However it is an amazing city for shopping too, especially for a budget traveller, as you find some really cute and unusual stuff here at very affordable prices. During our trip we saw and bought some really pretty and cute stuff here, like comic coasters of Prague sites, a bookmark with a small book at one end and a pair of spectacles at the other end of a thread, beautiful lace, magnets, key chains, glass painted stuff  etc etc. Hence it was not surprising that we bought a lot of gifts for friends and family from here, considering that during the rest of our travel we were in expensive cities and couldn’t buy much 🙂

Amongst all the things that I liked in Prague,  my top 5 picks for a “must buy” / or things that you must check out here are –

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