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A Traditional Slovenian Vegetarian Lunch in Bled

7 Feb

During our day trip to Bled , from Ljubljana, we had a lovely time walking upto and around the Vintgar Gorge – Walking amidst rainbows at the Vintgar Gorge. But all this walking left us pretty famished and we started looking for a good place to eat some traditional Slovenian cuisine. But finding vegetarian food in these traditional meat eating countries, although not difficult, can be rightly described as being a bit tricky. But after numerous trips I have grown wiser and have devised my own mini questionnaire that helps me find restaurants where I can get some vegetarian food. And in Bled, while randomly walking around, we chanced upon a local traditional Slovenian restaurant called the Gostilna Murka.

Gostilna Murka, Bled, Slovenia

Gostilna Murka, Bled, Slovenia

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