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Beautiful Chinese Tea Pots

24 Apr

Whenever people visit Singapore and decide to go shopping – they either hit one of the many malls (on Orchard Street) or like my fellow Indians hit the Mustafa stores (in Little India).

But if you ever find yourself in Singapore and have the time for some unusual shopping, then please make the effort and visit Chinatown. No, it’s not recommended for the cheap Chinese goods, but for finding some of the most unusual stuff and that too of all kinds. It’s one of those places that you can literally find anything – from the most quaint of things to the most funny / weird stuff and the likes of me can just spend hours browsing through it all.

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Pick on a few Tea Leaves

4 Apr

Whenever you travel to Kerala or any other tea plantation, an activity that you must try to do is – pluck tea leaves from a tea bush. Please don’t be fooled, it’s definitely not as easy as it seems.

For starters this activity begins very early in the morning, when the overnight dew is still present. If you wake up early enough, you will see numerous women walking along the hills with the baskets on their head to start this daily task (and these baskets are definitely not light in weight). They carry on this activity on a difficult hilly terrain, and at times even battling against cold, mist, rainfall and so on.

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