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Being vegan in Phnom Penh

6 Sep

In quite a few countries being a vegetarian traveller is tough. To top this, being an Indian vegetarian traveler (one who doesn’t eat any kind of eggs, fish, sea-food or meat) is even tougher. While it’s a challenge to get food, its even more difficult when people don’t even understand what we eat. Hence when we planned our Cambodia trip, we were very mentally prepared that we will not get any food. However we were pleasantly surprised to find these two really nice places that served tasty “vegan” food to us.

1. Boddi Tree Umma (http://www.boddhitree.com/) – This is a small restaurant just outside the Tuol Seng Museum. We went to this place for lunch and by then had pretty much lost our appetites (after seeing the sights of torture in the museum). However this place just pepped us up – both with the ambience and the food. This place is named after a tree under which Buddha “saw the light” and has a beautiful courtyard seating as well as an indoor seating. This was started in 1997 and supports Khmer kids and families in difficult situations. They have a good selection of curries and sandwiches and the price is very reasonable. We tried the Cambodian curry and fried rice, which were super tasty and we were so busy eating that we just missed taking pics of the food 😦

Boddi Tree Umma

Boddi Tree Umma

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Kerala Continued – Route 3 – Cochin – Munnar – Thekkady – Sabarimala

13 Feb

In continuation of my earlier post – Kerala Solved http://wp.me/p29z7S-4h, I am now writing about my personal experiences and recommendations for the region/route 3 i.e. Cochin (Kochi) – Munnar – Thekkady – Sabarimala .  Beware – its one long post. 🙂

We started our Kerala trip with Kochi. In case you have time you should spend at least 2 days here as it has some beautiful temples, churches, palaces and ecotourism villages to see. The sight of the fishing nets hung in the sea here is also a must photograph scene. Continue reading

Kerala Solved…Guide to planning a trip to Kerala

9 Feb

Kerala is a small state at the southern most part of India, where one is spoilt for choices in everything – in terms diverse places to see, numerous unique things to do and unusual places to stay. Hence planning a trip here can be quite confusing and challenging.

To make this easy for all my fellow travellers, I am listing down various options and combinations (w.r.t to personal interests and comfort) that you can use to customise your own trip to Kerala. Please note that based on your comments, feedback and questions I will keep updating this post. Hence this post is called Kerala Solved… 🙂  

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