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Entrepreneurship in the Air

18 Jan

Something seems to be in the air these days as everyone around me seems to be getting bit by either the career break bug or the entrepreneurship bug. Till a couple of years back, these words seemed to be associated with people who either had a good financial backing or women quitting for family reasons or with people with no jobs. But more recently things seem to be changing. I am coming across a lot of friends, acquaintances, fellow bloggers who have left good careers / jobs to follow their hearts and actually make the effort to start something from scratch and build it up to a profitable enterprise. Now, this is definitely not easy as you are leaving a well settled, secure and a cushy job to voluntarily take up the risk of failures, cash flow issues, insecurities at times, etc etc. But on the other side – you are doing something that you like and building something that is yours. And the high of it, is just something unimaginable.

While I also get into these phases at times, I haven’t had the courage yet or been ready to take a hit on my material comforts. But two of my very good friends have been bit by the entrepreneurial bug and have set up very successful enterprises of their own. So this post is to introduce them and their successful enterprise

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