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Photo Essay – 10 colors and flowers of Kaas

4 Nov

Its Diwali time and for me somehow Diwali celebrations are always associated with colors – colorful clothes, crackers, lights, decorations, rangoli, sweets, etc etc. There is a riot of colors in pretty much everything around and as far as the eye can see. Though I missed taking my camera out this year to capture the Diwali celebrations (have been busy with quite a few things of late), I still wanted to post something as colorful on the blog today. And then I thought to myself, what better way to post on colors than 10 different flowers of Kaas in 10 different colors and shades. So do read on and share some of the colors of Kaas via its unique flowers.

  • Elephant’s Trunk – This flower has 2  pinkish violet vertical petals, two horizontal petals and one moon shaped one in the centre that s rolled to form a tunnel. As an insect lands on the central petal, its weight draws out trunk like organ from the tunnel and this organ sprays pollen all over the insect.
Elephant's Trunk, Kaas

Elephant’s Trunk, Kaas

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A Quick Travel Guide for planning a trip to Kaas, Satara

3 Nov

Kaas is Western’s Ghat’s smaller and cheat’s answer to visit and experience a Valley of Flowers. There are no arduous treks or long journeys involved and all you need to do is just undertake a long drive.  While I haven’t seen the actual Valley of Flowers in Uttaranchal, I got a chance to visit Kaas in September this year and loved every thing about this beautiful plateau.  Kaas comes alive during monsoons with numerous flowers flowering in a riot of colors, such that it gives an impression of being amidst multi colored bands. There are all kinds of flowers here, including some endemic, some rare and some insectivorous too. Along with flowers, there are other smaller life forms that are found around here such as birds, bees, beetles, etc. Overall a must visit for every nature lover.

Colors of Kaas

Colors of Kaas

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Myriad colors of Kaas

23 Sep
Kaas – Ever since I had heard about this smaller version valley of flowers closer to home, I had wanted to visit it. This is a stunning landscape, a macro photographers delight, a botanist’s mecca, a nature enthusiast’s paradise and much more. As I was day dreaming about this place yet again, an email landed in my mail box, saying that the Jungle Lore was taking a travel group there. Well, I certainly did not need to be told twice and quickly caught the Jungle Lore bus embarking towards Kaas.
The pink carpet all over the plateau #kaas #maharashtra #travel